It is import to know the weather condition of Mount Kilimanjaro before to make your Kilimanjaro climbing decision. Weather condition may affect your summit success chances in my many reasons.

Bad weather on Kilimanjaro not only makes for a miserable trek and ruins your photos, most importantly it simply makes the climb twice as hard!

You are  more likely to reach the summit if the weather on Kilimanjaro is good.

Mount Kilimanjaro is near the equator. In the tropics there is no such thing as summer and winter. There are only dry and rainy periods. Or “dry seasons” and “wet seasons”.

Climbing Kilimanjaro during the wet season means you have to slog through very deep mud during the first days. At higher altitude you have fog and drizzle, and slowly but surely the moisture will creep into your clothes, your gear, your bones.

At the top you may have to fight your way through ice and snow. Having moisture in your clothes and everything is not going to help with the cold up there.

But there are other aspects to consider as well. The temperatures, the views, and of course the number of people on the mountain. As so often, there is no hard and fast answer and no single best time to climb Kilimanjaro.

So when is best time to climb?

Although the temperatures do not vary dramatically, there are seasons that represent a better time to climb. January and February are the two warmest months making the climb most comfortable as you reach higher elevations. It doesn’t matter what time of the year, it can be extremely cold reaching temperatures near or below freezing and worsened by cold winds.
August and September are the driest months creating another good season for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. June and July are the coolest months, which means the summit can be even chillier. It is still an appropriate time to climb.
If you have an option, you probably want to avoid the months of April and May which are the wettest. Although you can climb in the rain, it does make it more challenging and more uncomfortable. Even during the drier months, it is quite possible to experience an afternoon shower. These are usually shorter and move on.