Are you a super fan of riding a bicycle? Would you like cycling tour being customized to extend your african package? Yes, this is possible and it can be done with our specialist. below is our list of the recommended cycling tour for your to choose. You can also opt to choose more countries as they might suite your safari.

Tanzania Cycling

Explore Tanzania on two Wheels

Tanzania is the exceptional places that you might interested to enter in by bike. Your choices might cover different areas depending on your interest. Forests, rough roads, towns, big cities and many other landscape with beautiful views are available for your to explore.
As You Hosting company who think for your adventure first,we are ready to customize your awesome trip. Whether you will be interested to start from the foot of kilimanjaro, dropping near the neighbour mountain ranges of usambara, Pangani Coast and all way to Capital City of Dar es salaam or just explores the northern of Tanzania, our customized itinerary will leave you very excited. This tour can be customized to half day tour, full day or multiples days. It can also be added as an extensional to other tours like other Wildlife or Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing.

Enjoy the Magnificent Landscape while Cycling

Namibia is a vast country with wide open spaces and endless skies. This give you a confidence that cycling, especially a mountain bike on one of our bike tours is the best way in Namibia. Remarkable sand dunes which gradually turn into granite hills, whilst rocky outcrops give way to vast plains where elephants, giraffes and lions roam invite you to have fun with this tour to namibia. You can also choose to travel through the wilderness by bike, which is undou

Namibia Cycling

Uganda Cycling

Cycling on the Green Country

Instead of being the best place to see primates like Gorilla and chimpanzee, Cycling will be another alternative to enjoy this forgotten tourist destination. Choice is always there for you, Cycling can be a safari by bike through Lake Mburo National Park, a bike trip through the Kasenga Crater Lakes, the experience of crossing the equator in Queen Elizabeth National Park as well as safaris by bike, biking in Bwindi National Park and along the Bunyonyi Lake. Many tours a customizable to match any kind of schedule and timescale.
Contact us today if you are interested to cycle in uganda.

Cycling along the Great Lake

Discover two Wheels tour at the warm heart of Africa. If you want to be accompanied by the local people while enjoying a great view of african landscape, Malawi might be your perfect match. May local people in malawi use bicycle as their normal daily transport. You cycling adventure along the roads of malawi, you will get a chance to meet with some of the local, getting a warmly greetings (as other speaks a very good english) and much more.
Depending on your interest, you have a lot of options to choose for malawi cycling like Livingstonia, Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve and Nyika National Park.
Cycling in Malawi is a great way to get a glimpse into how Malawians live day to day.

Suggested Itineraries

12 Days Malawi Cycling Tour

Malawi Cycling

Private Cycling

This is what you should start thinking about in order to enjoy your cycling tour. If you don’t fee to follow our ready made cycling tours, we can make it privately customized with our very experienced cycling expert. We love to show you the wonders of africa through cycling tours. Our expert can ask about your need and prepare a perfect cycling trip.

Recommended Itineraries

Rwanda 10 days Cycling Adventure

Find Yourself smiling with lots of surprises. Rwanda is a beautiful small country with a amazing greenish landscapes.

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12 Days Cycling Tour in Malawi

If you like to ride a bicycle, then this tour is for your. On this tour you will have a very great time to explore the beauty and landscapes of Malawi.

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Cycling and Tanzania Culture explore adventure

The really two wheel Tanzania culture Discovery. This is fantastic adventure for anybody who want to explore Northern Tanzania in an alternative way.

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