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Recommended Tour Packages

The Wilderness and Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Safari

On this tour we will take you to the highest peak of Kilimanjaro Mountain later travel to the bush of Tanzania for wildlife game drive.

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The Northern Tanzania Classic Safari

Offers the “ultimate safari” through Tanzania’s most popular Northern Parks, revolving around Ndutu (the birth place of the wildebeest) in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

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The Forgotten Southern wilderness Safari

It is more discreet, less accessible and has fewer visitors. Adventure lovers and those who seek closer contact…

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The big Five of Tanzania Safari

This is a full safari circuit to the four popular parks of the Northern Circuit. Actually, it is a classic game drives without any specific physical challenges.

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The best of Southern Tanzania and See Zanzibar Safari

This Tour will take you to the famous parks in the southern circuit.

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High altitudes to low altitudes safari

Experience the beauty of the roof of africa. You will start to climb mount kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world and later you will be transferred to Zanzibar

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Fascinating Wildebeest Safari

This tour include the legendary of Serengeti famous for its annual movements of animals on the way to Masai Mara ecosystem.

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Best for family Tanzania Safari

This is mong the world’s epic wildlife events, few can match Tanzania’s Great Migration.

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